Donate Today!

Jackson Twp. Vol. Fire Co. 1 - Station 55 - is staffed with close to 50 active full -time volunteer firefighter's... and growing! We are available to respond to all emergencies within Jackson Fire District #3 as well as all surrounding Districts and Townships. When the tones go off, we respond (in force) to whatever the call may be. A lot of people do not realize what these members give up to serve others. Whether it be birthdays, holidays, work nights or weekends that most people spend with family and or loved ones, our members are selfless and drop everything to help others in need. Countless hours are spent on further training, classroom sessions, hands on sessions, live fire exercises, meetings, work nights, and special responses throughout the year. We all have different reasons for joining up, but it all comes down to wanting to help and protect our neighbors and community. 

We cannot continue to do so without your support! In 2019, we are preparing to completely renovate our Fire House and Hall to bring it up to speed in modern times. This will not be able to be done without your help. 

Any donation that could be graciously received is more than appreciated.